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Master in Odontology

The Program

The Professional Master's Degree in Odontology, with a concentration in Orthodontics, was recommended by CAPES in 2002 and since then has been consolidating itself as an important nucleus for the training of qualified human resources. In the last CAPES evaluation, the Master in Orthodontics obtained a grade of 4, standing out among the most important Courses in the country.

» Area of concentration:

Our objective is to develop clinical and research activities, contributing to the development of critical thinking, dissemination of knowledge and the ability to interact with new technologies. Due to the university structure offered by FHO and its tradition in the health area, the Master's student has extensive training within the basic areas, with knowledge that goes beyond the area of concentration (Orthodontics).

Our classes are divided for better use of the Course. Class A is formed only by students who are already Specialists in Orthodontics and B by students who do not yet hold the degree.

» Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Orthodontics:
PhD. Silvia Amélia S. Vedovello

» Information:
School Office
Phone: (19) 3543-1423
WhatsApp: (19) 99996-9550

» Mailing address
Graduate Program in Orthodontics
Stricto Sensu Office
Av. Dr. Maximiliano Baruto, 500 Jd. Universitário - Araras/SP 13607-339

Recommendation CAPES/MEC - Ordinance CAPES/MEC n. 656/2017

» Course Council:

Coordination - PhD. Silvia Amélia S. Vedovello

PPGO Permanent Faculty Members
PhD. Silvia Amélia Scudeler Vedovello
PhD. Heloisa Cristina Valdrighi
PhD. Milton Santamaria Junior


- Provide a humanistic education to understand a methodology of higher education and didactics;

- Generate competence to plan and teach classes and other teaching activities;

- Enable access and ability to use and interpret literature on relevant subjects;

- Provide mastery of the principles that guide scientific methodologies and, thus, generate new knowledge;

- Acquire and improve skills relevant to the practice of the profession.

Professional profile to be formed

The egress from the FHO Graduate Program in Odontology has its insertion in the job market and works mainly in the private service and institutions of higher education (IES).

Target Audience

Graduates of Higher Education in the area of Odontology.


Master in Odontology with area of concentration in Orthodontics.


The course totals 81 credits in Mandatory Disciplines for the two lines of research and 40 credits dedicated to Dissertation Activities.


Monthly (Wednesday to Saturday)

Research lines

The Master in Orthodontics has two lines of research with the following projects in progress:

» Epidemiology, preventive measures and face growth and development

This line of research aims to analyze the various morphological characteristics of malocclusion through the study of its prevalence and to propose methods and preventive actions within orthodontics. It presents the following research projects:

- Epidemiology and Orthodontics - responsible professor: PhD. Silvia Amélia Scudeler Vedovello;

- Study of the structures and functions of the craniofacial complex - responsible teacher: PhD. Viviane Veroni Degan;

- Study of the signs and symptoms of temporomandibular disorder - responsible teacher: PhD. Giovana Cherubini Venezian.

» Diagnostic, therapeutic and dental resources in orthodontics.

This research line aims to study the methods of orthodontic diagnosis, to evaluate the necessary resources for the development of mechanics and to analyze the physical-chemical properties of dental materials used in orthodontics. It presents the following research and innovation projects:

- Analysis of orthodontic therapy through different diagnostic resources - responsible professor: PhD. Carolina Carmo de Menezes;

- Analysis of the tissue reactions in the orthodontic movement - responsible teacher: PhD. Milton Santamaria Júnior;

- Evaluation of the mechanical resistance of dental materials in different therapeutic conditions - responsible professor: PhD. Ana Paula Terossi de Godoi;

- In vitro and clinical chemistry and microbiological studies of natural products aimed at innovative therapies - responsible professor: PhD. Vivian Fernandes Furletti de Goes;

- Intellectual property - teacher in charge: PhD. Mario Vedovello Filho;

- Results of different models of clinical evaluation in the therapeutic choice for dental, occlusal and functional anomalies - responsible professor: PhD. Heloísa Cristina Valdrighi.


Students must complete 81 credits for Mandatory Disciplines and 40 credits for Dissertation Activities. Four (4) credits must be met in Elective Disciplines.

» Courses of theoretical and methodological foundation (mandatory):

The disciplines aim to provide fundamentals of methodology of higher education and teaching, enabling the student to plan and teach classes, as well as other teaching activities. Provide access and ability to use and interpret literature on the relevant subject, and domain of the principles that guide scientific methodologies.

-Methodology of Scientific Research (5 credits);

- Bioethics (1 credit);

- Biostatistics (4 credits);

- Methodology of Higher Education (2 credits).

» Professional Training Courses (mandatory):

The objective of the courses is to train the professional specialist in orthodontics to diagnose the different types of occlusal alterations with solid training in the current diagnostic resources. Provide knowledge and technical-scientific training in the area of Orthodontics, making the professional able to plan and perform preventive orthodontic, interceptor and corrective treatment.

- Conceptual aspects of Orthodontics (11 credits);

- Orthodontic Diagnosis I (11 credits);

- Orthodontic Diagnosis II (11 credits);

- Orthodontic Therapy (11 credits);

- Applied Orthodontic Technique (11 credits);

- Advanced topics in Orthodontics I (5 credits);

- Advanced topics in Orthodontics II (5 credits).

» Elective Disciplines:

- Tissue healing process (2 credits);

- Management of animals in laboratories (2 credits);

- Model of epidemiological study in Orthodontics (1 credits);

- Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (1 credits);

- Intellectual Property - Patent of Invention and Utility Model (1 credits).

» Dissertation:

Dissertation Activities were developed to accompany the student in all stages of the research design. The activities start from the construction of the theoretical reference; elaboration of the research question; fundamentals of methodological decisions based on the theoretical framework; definition of the population and variables under study; writing the research project; creation of databases; manipulation, research, ordering and reporting; creation of tables and dynamic charts; interpretation of results; delimitation of the theoretical bases for the scientific writing of the article; choice of the journal for the publication of the article result of Dissertation; bibliographic normalization; and as a final step revision and structuring of the scientific article. The student must fulfill the credits of the Dissertation activity. The activities are divided into three parts:

- Dissertation I activities (10 credits);

- Dissertation Activities II (10 credits);

- Dissertation Activities III (10 credits);

Faculty Members
Corpo Docente
Docentes Permanentes
Foto Nome Lattes Research ID Google scholar ORCID
Ana Paula Terossi de Godoi
Ana Rosa Costa
Carolina Carmo de Menezes
Giovana Cherubini Venezian
Giovana Renata Gouvêa
Heloisa Cristina Valdrighi
Mario Vedovello Filho
Milton Santamaria Júnior
Silvia Amélia Scudeler Vedovello
Viviane Veroni Degan
Vivian Fernandes Furletti
William Custodio
Docentes Colaboradores
Foto Nome Lattes Research ID Google scholar ORCID
Cristian Alexandre Corrêa - - -
Guilherme Ferreira Caetano - - -

36 monthly payments of R$ 2.701,86.

The course will have a total duration of 36 (thirty-six) months with a six-monthly renewal of enrollment.

(*) Valid values for payment until the due date. They can be readjusted after 12 installments, according to the index published by the collective agreement, agreed between representatives of the maintainers and unions of workers in education.

(**) 15% discount for FHO | Hermínio Ometto Foundation alumni.

(***) PagFácil Graduate Program - The values indicated in the different forms of payment may be adjusted after 12 installments by the index, published through a collective agreement, agreed between the representatives of the maintainers and the unions of workers in education.

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